We’ve assembled a few of the most commonly asked questions here. If you don’t find the answer you need here, please try the contact form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Q. How does a bullet proof vest work?
A. Body armor is constructed with ballistic panels made of many layers of tough, fibrous material that is either woven or laminated together. The interlocking fibers serve to dissipate the kinetic energy of a projectile striking the panels and spread the energy of impact over a wider area, reducing the projectile’s ability to penetrate either the vest or the wearer.

Q. What types of materials are used to make body armor?
A. Body armor ballistic panels have traditionally been constructed of materials such as Dupont’s Kevlar® and Spectra® made by Honeywell. eYe body armor is constructed with ballistic panels made from Teijin Twaron®. Manufactured by Teijin Aramid B.V., Twaron® is designed to provide first class protection at a relatively low weight. Besides applications in ballistic body armor, Teijin Aramid is also used in wide variety of products including Air cargo containers, armored vehicles, brakes, cut-resistant gloves, helmets, ropes, cables and tires.

Q. Does eYe body armor provide stab and spike protection besides ballistic protection?
A. Yes. eYe body armor provides ballistic and a decent stab protection against knives.

Q. Why did you pick Twaron® ballistic panels for your body armor?
A. Twaron® offers a robust and reliable ballistic protection, including a low backface deformation. The superior comfort and long-term stability of Twaron®, combined with excellent chemical and temperature resistance, allows us to offer our clients a first class product at an affordable price.

Military, security and law enforcement professionals worldwide put their lives on the line for other people’s safety. That is why they deserve the best protection possible. Today’s body armor does not only need to provide outstanding resistance against bullets and fragments; it must also deliver the comfort that professionals need to move freely in high-threat environments.

Our EYE-102™ soft armor panel offers users outstanding comfort, strength and performance, all at an incredible value. The EYE-102™ soft armor system is perfect for concealable armor wear, but is also used by tactical teams worldwide.

Q. What ballistic standards does eYe body armor meet?
A. Every product line we produce undergoes rigorous testing by NIJ accredited test laboratories. These tests provide independent verification through multiple rounds of testing under the most severe conditions. All eYe body armor meets or exceeds the Type IIIA, Type III or Type IV standards, described below.

Protects against the .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose and .44 Magnum Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point.

Protects against 7.62mm FMJ.

Protects against .30-caliber armor piercing (AP).

Q. What level of protection do I need?
A. First assess what types of threats you’re likely to face on a daily basis. Review police reports and note the type of weapons (firearms, knives, etc.) being confiscated from suspects. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report data approximately 1 in 6 officers killed in line of duty were shot with their own weapon. So one of the considerations should be your own sidearm and duty ammunition.

Q. Do you have video about Twaron® aramid?
A. Yes. Here is a movie about Twaron® aramid fiber for ballistic vests.