About Us

eYe body armor is located in South Korea and provides clients around the globe with the finest body armor and bullet proof vests available at any price.

Our customers include military organizations, law enforcement tactical units, police departments, and civilian security services.

eYe body armor meets the highest standards of comfort, quality, and ballistic protection. Made with Dyneema® Unidirectional (UD) inserts that offer the wearer protection against a wide variety of threats including handgun ammunition, fast-moving explosive fragments, and knives, but are also lightweight and comfortable enough for extended wear.

Why Dyneema®?

The Dyneema® fiber in our ballistic panels is a gel-spun, multi-filament fiber that is created from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene that is 15 times stronger than steel, yet so light it actually floats on water! In addition the Dyneema® inserts in our bullet proof vests provide exceptionally high electrical resistance, chemical resistance, are fire resistant and self-extinguishing, and virtually invisible to thermal imaging devices.

Our EYECON™ NIJ Threat Level IIIA vests in black are perfect for concealable use under dark clothing, or also come in white for use under lighter colored clothing in hot weather climates.

For maximum protection choose our EYETAC™ tactical armor with NIJ Threat Level IV hard ballistic inserts.

For an even greater level of protection combine one of our EYECON™ or EYETAC™ tactical vests with our eYe body armor EYE-MICH™ helmet, designed for use by military and special tactical units. EYE-MICH™ helmet provides the wearer with unparalleled security and extreme comfort in any situation. EYE-MICH™ helmets are designed to provide a wide coverage area while maintaining superior comfort and visibility.

Only the most advanced materials go into eYe body armor. Manufactured in our facilities located in Europe, we uphold the highest standards of quality during construction. Whether you select from our EYECON™ Level IIIA concealable series or the EYETAC™ tactical armor with EYE-IV™ hard ballistic panels, you can rest assured that every one of our products undergoes the most rigorous inspection and testing in the market today. We make an uncompromising commitment to quality and your safety seriously because we know your life may depend on our products.

At eYe body armor we’ve got your six and we’ll never leave our partner.